There was no choice in our mind

There was no choice in our mind – 23 Sep 2016

Michael (and Chris) from One Agency was our first choice when we listed our house for sale; in our minds, there was no choice to be made. We bought before we sold; on the day of purchasing our new property, we phoned Michael to tell him we had to sell and we had to move quickly. We have had Michael (and other agents) through our house several times over the years for appraisals and when we’d been seriously considering selling. We had a really strong rapport with Michael and his local market was evident. He is also straight down the line, no mucking around or telling you what you want to hear. We think that’s important in an agent, where you know they are being completely honest with you, on market estimate, fees, estimated time to sell, etc. In all our previous dealings with Michael, we felt like we really trusted him (and Chris too, of course). We had to move quickly, and he put everything to place for us within a matter of days – including arranging a pest and build inspection for us (which we decided to fund so that purchasers could move quickly with confidence), photography and marketing materials, putting us in touch with a local conveyancer…he was really helpful at every step. He’s also really good at knowing what type of client you are, and supporting you on your sales journey. I really like to know what is happening every step of the way and be across everything, and he really adapted his style to make sure I felt comfortable and had all the information I needed at all times. He would call us within a minute of driving away from our open house to update us on how it went and give us as many stats as possible. He knows I’m a control freak (and the process stressed me out) and needed to know these things straight away – but he made sure I felt comfortable and had the information I needed every step of the way! I’m sure I drove him crazy, but he didn’t show it.